Restaurant at Mons

Mezzo - Gil de Angelis.JPGGil de Angelis
mezzo - Gil de Angelis- resto1.JPGGil de Angelis
mezzo - Gil de Angelis resto.JPGGil de Angelis
DREAM HOTEL - Gil de Angelis -resto.JPGGil de Angelis
DREAM HOTEL - Gil de Angelis- resto.JPGGil de Angelis
DREAM HOTEL - Gil de Angelis (4).JPGGil de Angelis
mezzo-dream-rideau-Mons.jpgVirginie Delattre
mezzo-dream-salle3-Mons.jpgVirginie Delattre
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  • The restaurant right in the heart of the Dream... Food is incredibly important at the Dream. The chef invites you to pull up a chair at a table against a backdrop of some striking architecture and design. The food is packed with passion, with delicious influences from Belgium and further afield. Dinner at the Mezzo is an invitation on a journey filled with flavour and the joys of good food. The large bay windows let in lovely natural light, and the restaurant, enjoying a lovely setting right in the heart of the Dream, feels like it fits in perfectly with the rest of the hotel. The décor combines tradition with modernity, and the results are delightfully understated.
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