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  • Mons, a well-renowned town! However, only a few years ago there was still a little something missing, a product in its image: a beer with the town’s signature. For such a popular, friendly place known for the good life, it was quite surprising, even baffling, that Mons didn’t have its own beer. At least that’s what Benoit Garnier, Massimo Falasca and Laurent Wuillot thought. They are the owners of two breweries that are well-known among Mons locals (Le Quartier Latin and the Taverne 44). In 2012, these three friends decided to put things right. They spent over two years discovering the world of Belgian breweries, crossing the length and breadth of the country, meeting lots of people along the way. In the end, it was a meeting with Mr Bruno Deghorain, master brewer at La Binchoise, that was decisive. From this meeting, a collaboration was formed and after many long discussions to determine the characteristics of the beer and some just as long tastings to refine the product, at last “La Montoise” was ready to appear.

    “A beer, an identity”

    That is the slogan given to “La Montoise”. That was indeed the goal, to produce a product that identified the town of Mons, its history, its monuments, its Ducasse, etc. And it was well worth the wait! The result: a blonde beer with character, non-filtered and brewed in the pure traditional style! It’s refreshing and thirst-quenching without being too bitter. The citrus notes are particularly remarkable, especially the orange peel.

    “La Montoise 5”: a golden blonde beer that was first brought out on the occasion of the brewery’s 5th anniversary. Its complexity and rarity come from the composition, made from 5 different grains and 5 different hops. Amongst these hops, there is one Alsatian, one American and three Belgians. This beer is both cool and soft on the palate and stands out for its bitterness and multiple aromas.

    “Trinité”: a blonde beer, slightly amber, in honour of the event of the year for Mons… the “Ducasse de Mons”, more commonly known as the Doudou! Its high level of alcohol and fermentation products give it a strong aromatic character and a nice roundness in the mouth. The use of Belgian hops gives it a frank bitterness that reinforces its thirst-quenching properties.

    Note that these three products are exclusively sold in Mons.
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