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  • L’Orpheo: cooking up the flavours of the world… This restaurant is on a smart little pedestrian street in Mons leading to the Grand-Place. The food at L’Orpheo cleverly combines different flavours from around the world according to the chef’s inspiration. His speciality is fresh, homemade pasta, rolled to order, with southern ingredients brimming with sunshine. The helpings are generous and you can eat on the terrace when the sun is shining. A treat however discerning or hungry you may be. L’Orpheo also serves wines from around the world (Argentina, Chile, South Africa etc.) and its lobster tank containing fresh oysters and live lobsters blends in with the intimately lit atmosphere.
  • Capacity
    • People :  25 place setting
    • Rooms :  1 Room
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • fr*
    • it*
    • nl*
  • Equipment
    • Terrace
Payment methods
  • Credit card
  • Cash