Bastard Brewers

at Boussu

  • At the head of this nanobrewery from Mons are Manu Dubray and Damien Hubert. Manu is responsible for brewing in small quantities. He likes to revisit contemporary styles, like the IPA, Porter, Stout, Sour, etc. As for Damien, he prefers to work with apples for the production of cider.

    Recently, in January 2019, the Bastard Brewers joined up with Ça Brasse Pour Moi to found the Brasserie du Borinage. Manu and Damien had been working with Antoine Malingret for around a year and they were looking for a strong identity to promote their common passion. They wanted to promote the region and decided to create an official name that would be meaningful and bring people together. With the Brasserie du Borinage, it became easier to put the region on the map, especially during shows. This was reinforced even more by the ingredients that make up the composition of the beers in this collaboration. At Ça Brasse Pour Moi, a farm-brewery in Boussu, Antoine Malingret used the cereals from his parents’ farm, they are farmers and producers, to make up his beers: wheat, spelt, oats and rye.

    Today, the Brasserie du Borinage develops original, artisanal, quality beers, favouring local distribution. For example, the Fât’Grisou, a creation with chocolate and coffee aromas that will seduce fans of Anglo-Saxon beers. The Sunlight des Tropiques, a cool beverage with fruity flavours. Or the Boriner Vice, a sour white, strongly dry-hopped. Occasionally, the collective produces more seasonal beers, such as the Mary Rose, based on pumpkins, for Halloween.
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