Abbaye des Rocs brewery

at Montignies-sur-Roc

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  • Since 1979, the village of Montignies-sur-Roc has been home to an authentic brewery. Back in the day, this was the first company to obtain an exemption to produce less than 10 000 hl of beer per year. On the other hand, there weren’t yet any specific production infrastructures and Jean-Pierre Eloir had to create the equipment necessary for the fabrication of his artisanal beer himself. He had to resort to second-hand materials like washing machines etc. That’s how the first micro-brewery was created in Belgium! In 1991, Nathalie, Jean-Pierre Eloir’s daughter, took the reins of the company, followed by her companion, Georges Levecq, four years later.

    The company has flourished extremely well and today its production is distributed not just in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) but also in the United States and Asia! It’s important to note that the Eloir family is very careful about the quality of its products: Belgian hops from Wallonia, natural yeast, spices and malts. The water used even comes from a borehole in a bedrock. They are natural, with no added sugar and guaranteed to have no chemical additives. The result is a collection of generous beers with a strong character and unique flavours. Some examples:

    - Abbaye des Rocs: blonde, both fruity and spicy
    - Abbaye des Rocs: brown, with bitter and sweet side-by-side
    - Montagnarde: amber, bitter with a caramel flavour
    - Blanche des Honnelles: strong bitterness on a peppery background
    - Triple Impériale: brown, with flavours of sugar candy, dried fruits and berries
    - Grand Cru: brown, with spicy flavours
    - Nuit Étoilée: amber, rather spicy, light bitterness, both caramel and fruity flavors
    - Passe Tout Outre: blonde, the hops are highlighted by the absence of spices

    Create your personalised beer

    In 2017, Nathalie decided to open a collaborative pico-brewery to initiate beer lovers into the production process. Participate in a fun group workshop of one day and create 80 litres of your own beer. Follow the methods of a master brewer and discover step-by-step the different stages of production of a craft beer. Participate in the choice of malts, spices and hops! Crush, brew, bottle, create your label... and go home with your own beer! Happy tasting!

    Are you interested in the world of brewing?

    Visit the Abbaye des Rocs brewery and discover the mash tun, the fermentation tanks, the bottling machines, etc., with a bonus tasting session!
    For a group of more than 15 people: make an appointment by phone or by email. Visits are organised from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 until 17:00, price: €5/person.
    For a group of fewer than 15 people: reserve directly online. Visits take place every Saturday evening and Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 during the “Apéros Bucoliques” (see the website of the “village du moulin” for beer tasting in the exceptional setting of a 12th-century watermill and a waterfall). Price €5/person.
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