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  • A new arrival in the world of breweries. The name is a reminder of the three fountains which are still active in the town of Mons. The 3F Brewery was inaugurated in April 2018, and its products have already received awards, notably at the World Beer Awards (one of the most prestigious competitions in the field of beer. It selects, rewards and promotes the best beers in the world both to consumers and professionals).

    The 3F Brewery is centred around the values of tradition, family, friendship and creative dynamics. In fact, it was created by three friends, Pierre, Rémy and Jonathan, who each have their own link with beer. With a grandfather who is a confirmed Belgian brewer, in 2014 Pierre chose to write his thesis on the creation of his own beer, La Forge. He was very satisfied with the result and decided to immortalise his product with the launch of the brewery. As for Rémy, he grew up in a brewery family in Douai, along with his interest in the production of beer. And Jonathan is passionate about beer, an entrepreneur at heart who wants to devote his time to his passion. The three young men joined together to found a brewery. They are able to count on financial support from their families and on their experience in the field. Three worlds meet to produce, at this time, six beers split over two ranges:

    The Dominicans: a range centred on aromatic spices and hops, that reinvents speciality beers. These are golden blondes re-fermented in bottles. Some examples:
    -beer aged in barrels;
    -the Dubbel, subtle mix of hops and orange;
    -the Tripel, with soft flavours spiced with coriander;
    -the Quadrupel, where superior malts are joined by hops. A spicy note distinguishes them from other known strong beers.
    The names echo the history of the beers brewed in monasteries, indicating the concentration of malt and the strength of alcohol in the beer.

    Les Forges: a range that covers two blonde beers of high fermentation with citrus notes. Examples:
    -the Forge, highly centred on the taste of caramel and cereal of malt;
    -the Forge IPA, strong taste of hops, bitter, with notes of lemon and passion fruit.

    At this time, the 3F brewery is planning expansion work. They are aiming to increase their production capacity, with the objective of not just developing the national market but also exporting internationally (to France, Italy, the United States and Asia)
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