Tour Valenciennoise

Historic site and monument ,  Heritage buildings ,  Castle, tower, belfry at Mons

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  • After the medieval city walls were destroyed, six gateways (from the 13th century) and stone and brick towers (from the 14th century) are the only remains of the so-called Tour Valenciennoise, on the Rue des Arbalestriers.
    The Tour Valenciennoise was unveiled in 1359. Its solid walls – this is an understatement, as they are four metres thick – have always managed to withhold the most persistent of destructive hands. As my grandfather used to say, in those days, things were built to last! Two floors of the tower still remain, and in 2009, these were totally restored. Originally, the Tour Valenciennoise had an extra floor, and its roof was allegedly in the shape of a pepper pot.
    The recent renovation work is pretty impressive, set off with a modern touch. There is now a metal footbridge outside providing access to the tower.
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