Regional Museum of Natural Science

Museum ,  Museum / interpretation centre at Mons

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  • Mons Card Partner: Free access
    The Regional Museum of Natural Science tackles lots of different aspects of nature, the environment and natural science.
    Birds, mammals and invertebrates can all be seen here in the priceless collection of more than several hundred objects, including some incredibly rare items such as an albino Philippine Macaque and a 2.1 metre long sturgeon, once fished in the Haine! Themed exhibitions are also put on every year (browse the programme on the museum’s website). Events and educational guided tours are available free of charge for schools and groups (booking essential). Don’t miss Julian Koch’s skeleton (2 metres 56 and 165kg).
    The museum is funded by the Service Public de Wallonie.
    The museum is sometimes closed, so it is a good idea to check that it is open before you visit.

    Periods of closure are possible. It is suggested to verify that the museum is open before visiting.
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