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pass-vuegénéralezoom pµasserelle.jpgPass
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    You can get involved in your tour, so have fun discovering and experimenting with the sciences through more than 10 fun and interactive exhibitions on things we are all familiar with such as energy, innovations, water, sport, and so on, and take the fun into extra time thanks to thrilling workshops run by our team of organisers. The now-renowned Pass'Age of the Adventurous (for 6 to 12-year-olds) and the Pass'Age of the Discoverers (for 3 to 7-year-olds) are there waiting for you too! While the first will delight your children with its combination of discovery and physical challenges, the second will provide small children with a poetic introduction to topics regarding animals, light and construction. In fact in 2015 the Pass museum was selected as one of the eight best museums for children by an international jury. From 2017, Pass will address digital technologies and digital culture by means of a special area in the museum. Faithful to its mission, the space will be a gateway to this theme which is very contemporary and it will enable people, through experiments and through active discovery, to come to their own conclusions on these words which we seem to hear almost every day at the moment. The renovated Pass'erelle exhibition "Monsieur Machine" constitutes a foretaste of the upcoming cultural programme, since it addresses the relationship between Man and machine and the ever-growing presence of robots in our societies. In 2015 more than 110,000 visitors came through the doors of this museum of a new breed. So don't wait any longer! Come and have an adventure which will be just as physical as intellectual, and get discounted tickets when you book online! Will you rise to the challenges thrown your way by the Pass museum? Get more information on exhibitions and special events on The Pass museum, a whole world of experiences!
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