Havré Forest

at Havré

bois-havré (4).jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
bois-havré (2).jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
bois-havré (5).jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
  • Originally part of the land of the Dukes of Havré, this forest constitutes a green space of 617 acres. Right on the outskirts of Mons, it features various types of tall trees, such as oaks, ashes, wild cherries, larches and pines. There is also the unusual "Quesne pouilleux" a fetish tree, decorated with votive offerings giving thanks for the disappearance of evils. Havré Forest's social function is widely acknowledged. It is a great place for hiking beacause its paths are clearly marked, and cycling and horse-riding is allowed in certain areas.
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