Havré Castle's Flower Gardens

Natural heritage at Havré

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  • With the scent of roses wafting over 6 000 m², the rose garden - created in 1999-2000 - consists of aroud-nd 10 000 carefully labelled rose blushes of 150 varieties. It is a garden in wich old and modern roses, sweet briars and hybrid teas, compete for attention. Roses include the "Paul Ricard" and its magnificent yet astonishing liquorce-smelling flowers; the "Bolchoï", with two-coloured blooms and a strong and heady perfume; the "Tuscany Superb" (1837), whose marvellous blooms wear flouncing purple dresses that contrast their gold stamens; the "Rush", wich is a wonderful bush with simple blooms, thanks to the work of talented Belgian rose grower, Louis Lens; the "Mary Rose", an excellent English rose bush, bearing the name of Henry VIII's flagship. There are plenty of other species to be discovered while enjoying a magnificent view of the Havré castle and pond.
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