The farm, a concept you're all familiar with. Childhood memories with nursery rhymes and numerous children's books, television programmes, etc. But have you ever taken the time to visit one since then?
Here, everything is natural! From the crops and other food products grown to feed the animals, to the milk which is used to make new products.

A visit full of surprises for the whole family

On arrival, you'll be guided through the premises and you'll discover the different facilities. A good introduction which will enable you to better understand the daily life of the farmers.

You'll then have the honour of meeting the family of cows, raised for milk production. The special feature? The milking process is completely robotic! And something extra just for you! You'll be able to taste (and more, if you like, as they're also on sale) the products produced from the milk of our friends, the cows: butter, crème fraîche, ice creams and cakes, yogurt, cheese, etc. Not forgetting the other local products, such as potatoes, eggs, and - prepare yourself... Chocolate spread! A real treat!

Finally - and this moment is sure to delight your children - you'll have the chance to get up close to the animals, and even feed them! And not only the cows, since the Fosselard farm is home to a real menagerie: hens, goats, ponies, donkeys, draft horses, mules, rabbits, etc. Can you see the children's eyes lighting up already?

The Fosselard farm is also an educational farm

During the school holidays, courses (day or week-long) are offered to children aged 3 to 12 years. In addition to the traditional farm visit and taking care of the animals, your little ones will also discover the countryside and its cultures; they'll try their hands at gardening and cultivate a vegetable garden. They'll also roll up their sleeves to participate in culinary workshops using dairy products. And, weather permitting, those who wish will enjoy a gentle pony ride. At the end of the day, they'll proudly show you the practical activities they completed on the topic of nature, and in connection with the time of year. Child care is also possible if the course schedule doesn't suit yours.

In addition, school and non-school group visits can be organised.


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7041 Givry, Belgium
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