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Vue de lÔÇÖentr+®e principale du Mus+®e du Doudou, Jardin du Mayeur, 2012,-® Tempora.JPGTempora
St Georges terrassant le Dragon, enluminure de la l+®gende dor+®e, -® Ch Henneghien.JPGCh Henneghien
Sc+®nographie mus+®e du Doudou(5) --®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie mus+®e du Doudou(4) --®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie mus+®e du Doudou(3) --®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie mus+®e du Doudou(2) --®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie mus+®e du Doudou --®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie du Mus+®e du Doudou--« Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie du mus+®e du Doudou (7) - -®Jean-fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Sc+®nographie du mus+®e du Doudou (6)--® Jean-fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
Hall d'entr+®e - Mus+®e du Doudou - -®Jean-Fran+ºois Berhin.jpgJean-François Berhin
  • In accordance with the plan to gradually lift lockdown measures put forward by the National Security Council, the Belfry will reopen its doors to the public from 19th May, with some restrictions. Our teams have therefore taken the actions required to enable our visitors to come back through our doors safely. Reception and cleaning staff are trained and prepared in order to guarantee your health and safety when you visit our museums.

    These measures have been applied in all of our museums:
    >> Social distancing measures in place:
    >> A face mask must be worn by every visitor
    >> 1.5-m distancing rule must be adhered to
    >> Tickets must be purchased in advance, either online via or by telephone at 065/33.55.80 (from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:30. Payment is by credit card and e-tickets will be sent by email).
    >> Each museum will limit entry numbers
    >> Specific signage will guide you through the museums, following a one-way system to avoid crossing paths with other visitors.
    >> A queuing system will be in place outside.
    >> The museum shops will be closed.
    >> The air conditioning complies with the safety measures.
    These additional measures have been taken for your visit to the Doudou Museum:
    >> Entrance via the Mayeur Garden and exit via Rue du 11 Novembre
    >> Entry limited to 30 people per hour
    >> Use of the lift and staircases: one person or one family at a time
    >> Interactive tables not in use
    >> Audio guide not available
    If you have any questions, please contact us at 065/40.53.80 or by email at Find the latest news on our website, Facebook and Instagram/visitMons

    We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Doudou Museum!
    Next dates: 07 June 2020/ 30 May 2021 / 12 June 2022 / 04 June 2023
    A museum dedicated to the Ducasse Rituelle, to St George and the Dragon, right in the centre of the historic heart of Mons.
    Find out more about Mons’ Ducasse Rituelle throughout the year! Through exhibits from the collections belonging to the City of Mons’ museums combined with technological innovations, the museum tells you everything you need to know about the Ducasse de Mons, recognised by UNESCO in 2005. An experience somewhere between reality and the imaginary! This unique heritage is examined from different angles, from history and anthropology to science, art, secularism and religion. The museum looks at the original site of the Ducasse de Mons as well as the legend of St George, in order to appreciate and showcase all the different aspects of this universal, multi-secular story. Visitors are invited to understand and interpret this example of intangible cultural heritage. Different parts of the exhibition are designed around the main theme: St George and the Dragon, between the imaginary and reality. Educational activities, learning experiences, publications and also off-site exhibitions are developed. You can experience the legendary Ducasse de Mons whenever you like, so what are you waiting for? Come along to the Doudou Museum!

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