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  • City game as it must be!
    This city game concept is clearly an excellent team building activity; it’s accessible to everyone, it’s both cultural and fun; an ideal compromise all in all !
    Pursuit Gaming is the re-invention of the old fashioned treasure hunt, we adjust the rules according to your needs! The players walk down the streets with the geolocated tablet.
    This game format is made of observation challenges, cultural quiz games, etc.
    The players will (re)discover the must see as well as unusual places. Our approach and softwares
    allow us to provide companies with team building solutions for a very large attendance!
    Each team will have to take up a maximum of challenges to score points, and win !
    Our animators will of course be on the ground to make sure the event goes smoothly!

    Pursuit Gaming offers the following advantages :
    • the use of an instinctive tool : tablet / Ipad
    • the ease to set up the departure and arrival places
    • the possibility to manage a team building activity for very large groups : up to 1’500 people
    • the opportunity to emphasize on your training contents by including them in the trail. 100% customizable!
    • the enjoyment of discovering a modern version of the city game / scavenger hunt concept
    • the positive impact of a team building activity

    So bye bye scavenger hunt, hello Pursuit Gaming!

    (Check out our other game modes: http://urbangaming.be/fr/modes)
  • Capacity
    • People :  15 Person (s) mini
    • People :  1500 Maximum number of people
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • fr*
    • nl*