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  • A guaranteed good atmosphere!

    Battle of the Tables is a highly innovative interactive dinner concept with a low threshold and lots of excitement. We have over twenty years’ experience in event management, and we know for sure that this concept is a winner. Your participants will enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening in a pleasant and laid-back atmosphere.

    iPads on the tables.

    Two iPads are seamlessly integrated in the table decoration. They contain information and several functionalities:

    -Welcome message and customer’s logo

    Chat options to send messages to the other tables
    Selfie camera to take pictures during the game (and to be displayed on a large

    Interactive quiz.

    Your guests are seated at different tables, each supplied with a number of iPads that are controlled from a central platform. Some time during the evening, the host will show up and invite the teams to compete against one another. The iPads turn into quiz devices. And the show is on!

    The host operates all iPads from a central device. We set up a wide array of trials, tests and brainteasers, including music fragments and pictures.

    Battle of the Tables is extremely flexible when it comes to configuring your quiz. We can even include company-specific challenges for a totally bespoke event.


    A game where one team challenges the other teams. Whichever team guesses the most words wins the
    challenge. The pictures are drawn on the iPad.


    A challenge which can also be played at the table. In a small homage to the first computer games, we play
    this world famous game on the iPad.

    Alternatively, we could play a virtual four-in-a-row game.

    So You Think You Can Dance*

    A hilarious challenge. Two people are prepped backstage. Sweatbands, wrist lets and a tight dance
    costume make up the basic equipment. The curtains open. The bets are placed, and then a surreal sight
    meets the eyes. Wii dancing brings a certain sort of ambiance to the room. Cheering on your favourite is a must.

    Boxe - WII*

    This challenge is all about the setting; the tension during the intro is absolutely tangible. It’s only after
    this that the ambiance really breaks loose.
    Everyone’s cheering on their favourite like their lives depend on it. Just when the fighters are almost at
    each other’s throats, it turns out that the seemingly real boxing ring is only a virtual boxing game – what a climax!

    *Option : 1500€
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • fr*
    • nl*