A selection of more than 100 works, including several monumental pieces and giving an original insight into the painter‘s entire career, have been brought together at the BAM (Mons Museum of Fine Arts).
The BAM exhibition is designed around a new approach, namely the story of Don Quixote by Cervantes. In addition, an installation
specially designed by Gérard Garouste is on display at the Salle Saint-George, just round the corner from the BAM.

The installation invites visitors to lose themselves in the twists and turns of a labyrinth consisting of some 35 huge canvasses. It‘s a unique physical and visual experience.

The exhibition dedicated to this great French painter specifically focuses on the many and varied sources in which the artist has immersed himself to create his work. Whether drawing inspiration from madness, questioning himself in his sketchbooks, interpreting sacred books or secular ones, philosophising with the Talmud, going back to the origins of ancient myths or penetrating the subconscious through psychoanalysis, Gérard Garouste constantly intertwines his sources with perhaps the only common thread being the word and his pictorial interpretation.
Gérard Garouste is undoubtedly one of the most important contemporary French painters. He is an artist who manages to reconcile stylistic flair with contemporary figurative painting that combines the imaginary with personal life experience. Curated by Bernard Marcelis and Xavier Roland, Director of the BAM, the exhibition also exclusively has two of the artist‘s sketchbooks on display, giving us an intimate look at his approach to art.