All you have to do is look at a café or bar menu and it’s enough to make you feel dizzy before you’ve even eaten anything! Some names eventually become familiar while others seem to come and go with the seasons. It would be damn hard not to find a beer that tempts your taste buds. With us at any rate, beer is a real institution and more and more people are deciding to devote their time to it, if not their lives. Beer is more than something to enjoy; for some, it’s become a vocation. This is especially true for Sébastien Deseveaux.

An original craft brewery

If you’re passing through the commune of Boussu or its surroundings, I invite you to stop at Brasserie Deseveaux. Here you’ll discover, in the heart of the Hanneton valley, a 200-year-old family farm where Sébastien Deseveaux produces his own beers or brews those of other professionals. You’ll have the privilege of doing a tour of the premises, visiting the different facilities and discovering the secrets of beer-making, but also tasting products from the store: do Sarazen and the Saison Avena ring a bell? In any case, it’ll be a chance to (re)discover them.
The first one is a blonde beer made with buckwheat, and the second one is a thirst-quenching blonde. If you like the tasty and fruity aromas of either beer, you can even make purchases there and then something to prolong the pleasure at home or with your loved ones. Before you visit, don’t forget to contact the brewery to arrange your visiting time.

Tradition, originality, uniqueness

These words perfectly sum up Brasserie Deseveaux’s products, don’t you reckon? Tradition, because here, top-fermented beers are brewed from natural ingredients, then refermented in the pure tradition of craft beers. Originality, and this is where this brewery stands out from others, because age-old grains or seeds, such as oats and buckwheat, are the main ingredients of these beers. Besides their originality, these products stand out thanks to their taste and the sustainability of their production. Uniqueness, because the brewing water is directly sourced in the Hanneton valley.


Rue d’Hanneton, 8
7300 Boussu, Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)65/69.12.42
Mail :