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    Florilège is the premier book and games store created in Mons. Since 1986, this establishment has specialised in the 0 to 12 year age range, but also offers a few books for 12 to 15-year-olds. You are sure to find here something to enchant your wee ones in the young person's book section or in the entertaining and educational games section!

    Books for young people.
    Florilège specialises in books from the youngest age: illustrated albums, bath time books, animated books, touch and feel books, sound books, novels, etc.

    Entertaining and educational games.
    Florilège also has a wide choice of creative games and board games for children from birth, to play on their own or as a family. It's also the place to go to unearth a lovely snuggly, a rattle, a teething ring, beautiful cuddly toys or even construction games.

    A section for child professionals.
    Teachers, psychologists, students, child psychiatrists and educators will all find books here on subjects like self-esteem or even morning, illness, adoption, going to school, separation etc. An entire shelf is also devoted to logopaedics, with memory games, logic and reasoning games, language and vocabulary games, etc. Baby gift list and on-line sales.

    Florilège is again offering baby gift, baptism, birthday, communion or secular festival lists.
    Since 1986, Florilège has given you its personalised advice for the greatest joy of children and those around them!
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