A new way to travel!

A Greeter is a volunteer inhabitant, passionate about their territory (city or village), who wants to share this passion with others (maximum 6 people) in an encounter off the beaten path. They will tell you their own story, their favourite spots, their anecdotes…

Sometimes passionate about history, gastronomy, architecture, crafts, nature,… Greeters all have in common the passion for their territory and the desire to share it.
A Greeter is not a professional guide but an “ambassador” of their territory!

As such: 
- he does not have the same skills as a historian, tour guide or naturalist,
- he is a volunteer and does not receive any remuneration or tips,
- he does not host groups and never more than 6 people at a time (family, friends, etc.).

The Greeters concept was born in New York in 1992 at the initiative of Lynn Brooks. It comes from the verb “to greet” which means “to welcome someone”. Since then, the concept has grown worldwide and is brought together by the international Global Greeter Network.

All the Greeters networks and the Greeters themselves are committed to respecting the core values.

Find all Greeters destinations on the International Greeter Association. (Booking, The Greeters)