In 2017, make your Valentine’s day count, but without making it cost. Forget the flowers and chocolates: give your other half some memories! Pack your suitcase and show them your love by visiting the city of the Doudou. The programme includes one night in a hotel with breakfast, places for the Love International Film Festival, a tour round the city with a Greeter, a tour in a three-wheeled scooter (Triobalade), a Mons Card and many other surprises!

Discover Mons and you’ll fall in love for the second time...

This package includes:
  • One night in an hotel or a guest room *
  • Breakfast
  • Two tickets for the FIFA
  • A tour in a three-wheeled scooter
  • A tour of the city with a Greeter
  • 24 hour Mons Card (free access to all communal museums and many discounts in shops and restaurants in the city centre)
  • A little monkey
  • An enchanted recipes collection

--> From 59 euros per person

* Choice of accommodation left to the discretion of the customer, based on availability

 Price includes VAT based on a room double !

Please make your reservation no later than Friday 5th February 2017 via