Zombie Kids

Mons 2015 ,  Cultural ,  Unusual ,  Cinema ,  Digital ,  Theatre ,  Comedy ,  Video at Mons

  • What if we sang to save humanity from the generalisated brainwashing ?
    A terrible virus is brainwashing children from eight to twelve years of age, glued to their games screens: insomniac with pallid skin, zombies of the virtual world, all of them will become soldiers of a megalomaniac colonel… unless Mia, her father and her friends use song to thwart this evil plot. A little girl, a marionette that has fallen from the star system, failed rappers, a geek, a composer who has run out of inspiration, what a funny team to save humanity from widespread stupefaction!

    Met Saule !

    Only a giant with a big heart could imagine it with freshness and lightness: Baptiste Lalieu, alias Saule, singer, composer and Belgian lyricist took the plunge. An imaginative and exhilarating musical, led by four musicians, five singers, a DJ and a wacky comics designer.
    Chansons écrites et composées par Saule
    Planches dessinées par Le Goum
    Co production Mons 2015 Capitale Européenne de la culture, lemanège.mons, le Manège Maubeuge-Scène Nationale
    Un projet mis en œuvre par Saule Prod