Every single day, our local mascot has to undergo the intense fondling of home-grown locals and passing outsiders. So much so that its head seems to be getting smaller over the centuries, and its skull is developing quite a shine.

 A surprising watchman

This little monkey, the Town Hall sentry, a crafty, mischievous creature has seen it all, from royalty, award-winning actors and busy politicians to stressed-out students and kids having fun… Despite his impish appearance, he remains stoic in front of even the most intrusive passersby. It would be a very clever person who could claim to know the truth about his origins! The subject of historical and philosophical debate, our monkey might have been an object of scorn for children, a pub sign, a work of art or a puzzle-statue. It doesn’t really matter does it?

A symbolic lucky charm

Its main role it to be the symbol of the city, its number one ambassador, its iconic figure, and above all, its spirit. Stroke its left hand and all of a sudden, you are filled with the Spirit of Mons for the rest of your life.
But much more than this, it has an innate gift… This lucky charm! How many young women looking for a husband have seen their dream come true… And how many young couples have been blessed… Our sovereigns are unquestionable examples…
As far as I am concerned, since I was a child, he has always brought me good luck… Half a century looking after me, what an honour, and what a pleasure!... So now it’s your turn to stroke his noble head and why not, get with the times and take a selfie with him… And you don’t have to worry, he won’t move a muscle and spoil your picture…


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