Or how the West was won on the hamburger road...

Not one to shy away from a challenge, and armed with a passion for the land of Uncle Sam and its culinary specialities, just for you, I went on a road trip, not on Route 66, but on the road to the ultimate American sandwich.
Because the chefs in Mons love hamburgers, and foodies are delighted about that.

The American dream in Mons

This isn’t about giving you a lesson on how to make this invention, which is as delicious as it is calorific. Nor is it about extolling the virtues of the speedy service of any particular fast food restaurant where you can devour a standard burger in 10 minutes flat, not leaving any memory apart from a slightly heavy feeling in your tummy.
No, follow me through the streets of Mons to find some fantastic examples of this American classic. Mons, home of the SHAPE, for goodness sake. With all of the Americans who share our beautiful city with us, there’s a breath of fresh US air in town.


Hamburgers with a twist

Pull on your favourite stretch jeans, an extra large sweatshirt and let’s embark on this journey of flavours. Are you coming? Here we are in the Grand-Place. Left? Right? Rue du Miroir, no hesitation. Let’s start with the most British of eateries: the Sherlock. Students are very familiar with the cosy atmosphere and the respectably proportioned burgers at a reasonable price.
Is your wallet feeling a bit light? That’s fine, head to Rue de la Clef where the Twenty Buns is looking forward to welcoming you to the most American restaurant in town. 20 burgers, from the traditional to the more creative, from beef to duck and even salmon. Nothing is off limits here, and even the homemade desserts are all American. Aahhh what wouldn’t I do for some cheesecake?
Do you fancy something a bit more chic? You’re a bit fussy aren’t you? But Mons won’t disappoint with Dream. What, a hotel/spa has a hamburger on its menu? Well, yes… but with a sophisticated twist. Yum.
Still not convinced? Head back up Rue de Nimy – you need to work it off a bit, you’ve had three already haven’t you? – Le Bailly serves burgers too. And in a magnificent setting that will encourage you to savour rather than devour your favourite meal.


Still a bit peckish? Gosh you’ve got quite an appetite. Not a problem, we’ve got another trick up our sleeve… A more Mediterranean take on the burger is waiting for you at the Dolce Gusto, on Rue d’Havré. You can enjoy your meal with some fresh air out on the terrace.
What was that, you still can’t make up your mind? I’m going to make life easier for you… The Citizen Fox, in the former historic Maison Devos, might tempt you in with its trendy lounge-bar atmosphere. Definitely the place to be.
So, have you decided? Good, one last one for the road, but you’ll have to catch a bus or take your own vehicle – bike, car, roller skates or quarterback horse – to finish up your tour in Maisières, at Chez l’Oncle Sam, where you can listen to country music and some Elvis to give you the full-on USA experience.
Now it’s your turn to try this hamburger trail. Bon appétit…


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