Saint-Denis is a small village in the Mons region, and is proud to be home to the ruins of an 11th century abbey, a theatre, fisheries and a vineyard. What more could you ask for?
The perfect place to enjoy nature (and nature’s nectar) with a lovely Sunday at the end of the summer.

From wine to beer country

27 September 2014. 25°C. It’s floating in the air like the fragrance of an Indian summer. “Children, put on your hiking shoes, we’re going for a walk!”
We set off across the wood, heading to the centre of the village, to see whether the grape harvests have started on the slopes of the Saint-Denis vineyard. To try the divine beverage, we’ll have to come back and do the ASEPS walk in May. In the meantime, we set off. On our way, we marvel at the abbey’s monumental gateway. 

A theatre with its toes in the water

Then a quick stop-off at the mill on the Obrecheuil, the river that flows through the village. It’s here that one man who loved the theatre set up a performance venue. It must have been a success, as one weekend a month, the programme attracts around a hundred spectators. The after-show dinner with the performers is still an opportunity for a friendly get-together.

Aux joyeux asticots

We’re getting a bit thirsty. Luckily there’s a free table on the terrace of the Café des étangs. The sign, announcing “Aux joyeux asticots” is well known among regulars, walkers and bikers out and about enjoying themselves. After quenching our thirst, we’re off again for the last leg of the journey, walking around the ponds. Be quiet, don’t frighten the fish… At the last of the four ponds on the other hand, what a racket! It’s the duck pond, and the inhabitants are making plenty of noise. The noisy birds are enjoying themselves too.
We bring our Sunday excursion to an end by going back via the Thieusies woods.
What a lovely Sunday by the water!

Did you know?

-The residents of Saint-Denis are called Dionysiens
-The full name of the village is Saint-Denis-en-Brocqueroie. The word “brocqueroie” describes a strip of forest that used to cover the right bank of the Haine to the north of Mons (Wikipedia).
-Saint-Denis is part of the Grand Huit as part of Mons 2015. A number of artistic events are planned for the occasion.

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