A day out with the girls. We’ve been talking about it for ages! But what with family, work, our day-to-day worries... When have we really had time for us? Last week, three girlfriends and I decided to make some quality time to catch up on the gossip, do some shopping and just relax. And it’s amazing how good it makes you feel! So I thought to myself, why not share this day with you? 

Authentic shopping

On Saturday, we have the whole day ahead of us. Nothing to do but some shopping with the girls and the chance to put the world to rights! We head to the Fripiers district. Rue de la Coupe, Rue des Fripiers... This area just a stone’s throw away from the Grand-Place is packed with shops that you won’t find anywhere else. At La Chiffonnerie (17 Rue de la Coupe), Camille snaps up a little red leather clutch bag to go with an outfit she bought the week before. At Le Passé Simple (32 Rue de la Coupe), I’m thinking about giving my bedrooms a makeover. With all the second-hand furniture, the latest pieces and the beautiful collection of quilts, my imagination is running wild!
There are plenty of interior design shops to choose from round here as well. La Vie Moderne (21 Rue des Fripiers) or Pep'store (20 Rue des Fripiers) if you’re into lots of colours, there’s something for everyone. Obviously we stop off at Carnaby Street, a second-hand clothes shop that the gang’s artiest member loves. Carnaby Street (54-56 Rue de la Coupe) has loads of wonderfully modern vintage outfits. Basically, if you like fashion and are into modernising second-hand clothes, this is where it’s all going on! There are clothes and accessories from the last century here, mainly from the 1940s to the 1980s. Don’t they say that fashion is cyclical?
An absolute must is Baroc (29 Rue des Fripiers), a shop that sells a little bit of everything including jewellery, scarves, storage boxes and decorative items, most of which are made by artisans. The perfect place to pick up a unique present. A bit further down this street, Chez Babette (17 Rue des Fripiers) also sells a wide range of jewellery and items made by the fair hands of the owner herself.

Hammam, Jacuzzi, sauna

We’ve done two hours of serious shopping, and our eyes have been blinded by sequins and spangles. But the day isn’t over yet. After a salad at the Boule de Bleu, a great salad bar on Rue de la Coupe, we’ve got an appointment at Dream (17 Rue de la Grande Triperie) for a lovely relaxing afternoon. We’ve got a girly spa session planned, just for us, in a magical setting. Dream is a hotel, restaurant and spa in a former chapel. Fully renovated, the setting will leave you speechless. Ancient and modern live together in perfect harmony. We enjoy the Hammam, the sauna and the Jacuzzi. We catch up on the latest gossip and laugh about all the shopping we managed to do in just two hours... To prolong the experience, we relax with a massage using ancient rituals! Relaxation guaranteed.
The day finishes with a quick cocktail in Dream’s lounge-bar. Our batteries have been recharged and we’re looking forward to next time.
Now it’s your turn!


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