Curiosity killed the cat, I know, but I couldn’t resist stepping through the doors of Mons’ new Maison du Tourisme, just for the fun of seeing what it has to offer. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

A space where you can book everything

Located on the Grand-Place on the corner of Rue d'Enghien, this new setting is an ode to the region! In the middle, there’s a box office where you can book tickets for performances at the Manège, exhibitions put on by the Pôle Muséal, the main events of Mons 2015 and guided tours of the city, all in one place. The video wall showing the city’s attractions catches my attention. There are so many things to do in Mons. I’ll have to come back with my husband and my children to plan a few weekends.

Explore while having fun

Two little boys are playing on a touchscreen while I explore the brand new premises. I go up to them, they’re grinning from ear to ear... They’re trying carefully to bring down the Chasse de Sainte-Waudru to put it on the Car d'Or... What a great idea for teaching youngster about our history. Explanatory panels about the Belfry, Spiennes, the Doudou, Mundaneum, the Grand-Hornu, the Pass and the Mons Memorial Museum prove, if proof were needed, that Mons has a great deal to offer. Our capital has always played a strategic role in the country of the north. We should be very proud of that.

New technology

In the entrance, there are two terminals with practical information, destinations to visit throughout the year and the events organised for Mons 2015. A touchscreen map uses Google maps to show different points of interest. In the mezzanine there are more panels showcasing the whole of the Mons region: our gastronomy, the Hauts-Pays nature reserve and much more. “Regular exhibitions will be put on around major events,” explains a member of staff. Screens, interactive terminals, brochures... I – or rather we – have everything we need to explore this lovely region!
Top tip: The old Maison du Tourisme now houses the official Mons 2015 shop!


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