Does the art of baking appeal to you, but you're not very comfortable with the practical side? Or with your incorrigible sweet tooth, would you like to treat yourself and surprise everyone with your recipes? Then contact Mr Marcel Leroy for a personalised culinary one-to-one!

Tailored lessons

You may be thinking "baking is the new trend and many places are offering lessons". Yes, but Marcel Leroy stands out by offering a unique service in Belgium!

Here it's not about following a set schedule with specific subject matter - you choose when and what. I'd say it's even better! Marcel Leroy comes to your home (provided you live in the Tertre area). The aim is to guide you through the creation of your recipes in real-life conditions, that's to say, with your equipment, your restrictions, etc. If you don't have all the utensils needed for a recipe, don't worry! Marcel Leroy will teach you how to adapt to overcome this.

An exceptional service

"It's easy to bake in the company of a professional, but what if I don't manage to recreate the recipe once I'm alone?". Again, Mr Leroy provides you with a solution. At no additional cost, he will return to your home to solve the problem and correct you.

Whatever your baking level, you can learn everything: the basics of this culinary art, the different proofing and baking times, complex recipes, pralines, and other chocolate decorations, celebration pieces, etc. Marcel Leroy will explain you the rules of baking and will share his little tips, reveal the secrets of chocolate, how to overcome this tricky delicacy while preserving all its subtleties, etc.

Thanks to him, you might become the next winner of the "Great British Bake Off"!

And for budding little chefs...

An undeniable professional in his field, Marcel Leroy not only provides private baking lessons, but also social development lessons. As part of this, he offers courses for children in Tertre. If your little ones are even remotely interested in the art of desserts, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Pastry making, baking, chocolate making, ice cream making: everything to please their palate and maybe even inspire them for a future career? Tempted by the activity? Two possibilities are available to you:

  • A course during the school holidays, for children aged between 5 and 12
  • Workshops on "Food Wednesdays" (from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm) for children aged 5 to 10
Get registering, future chefs!


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