Come and learn about the inner workings of a farm, where closeness, friendliness and solidary are the corner stones

Sharing a passion

Go and meet Ingrid and Patrick, who gave the farm a new life when they bought the property. Allow these two passionate individuals to guide you through the family farm; discover the facilities, the animals, and the different types of farming The 2-hour-long visit promises to be educational, with explanations on the animals' different diets that change with the seasons, the conservation of the silo, as well as the regulation that governs farm life. Then it's time for a tasty little break! The (admittedly) long-awaited moment you'll gaze longingly at the enticing products produced from the milk from the farm: cheese, crème fraîche, fresh eggs, butter, etc.

This is of course followed by.... a yogurt and ice cream tasting (vanilla, chocolate, speculoos biscuit, praline, mocha, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate chip cookie, salted butter caramel, raspberry, violet, amaretto flavours.... Ummm, how many scoops can we have)? Homemade is the only way to go! In short, a moment of sharing, learning, and tasting, for the very reasonable price of €2 per person.

A shop for everyone

And if you enjoyed the subtle taste of the products, you'll have the chance to make a stop at the shop, which is also located on the farm. This proximity is important for the couple, who favour direct sales and regular contact with customers, to meet their needs in the best way possible. There are many advantages: you'll find very diverse products to meet everyone's various needs, and you have the opportunity to request special orders, all in record time! And since at the Pype-Lievens farm, they really care for others, in addition to the products from the farm, you'll find those of local producers: the Druart chocolate maker, Hauts-Pays honey, homemade biscuits and alcohols, etc.
When are you making an appointment with Ingrid and Patrick?


Since 1 January 2018, Hervé, one of Ingrid and Patrick's sons, has joined the business. This has led to new projects, notably the construction of a new shop, a new dairy and a milking parlour. Great additions on the horizon!

Practical info

  • Remember to reserve your visit
  • Visits are held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons
  • They can accommodate groups of 7 to 25 people


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