With its wide selection of beers – whose quality is rivalled only by their flavour – and tasty side dishes, this brasserie is bound to meet your needs and will even create a new one: the need come back to Brasse-Temps.
Open since 2003, the brasserie welcomes you for lunch, dinner, in the day, before or after a cinema trip. Indeed, what better than to meet up after a good film over a drink and even some delicious grub? Situated right next to the Imagix complex in Mons, near the motorway and opposite a huge car park, Brasse-Temps has found itself a cosy little spot. Never had a nosey? Here are a few good reasons to put it in your diary.

Beer, the star product at Brasse-Temps

It’s Dubuisson Brewery, the oldest one in Wallonia (founded in 1769 and currently in its 8th generation of brewers!) and the producer of the extremely famous Bush beer (Bush Ambrée, Blonde and Pêche Mel), which is behind Brasse-Temps. So, you can rightly expect to enjoy some remarkable quality beers. Combining traditional methods and technological advances, they’re additive-free. What’s more, a brewery technician, supervised by the Dubuisson parent company, regularly visits Brasse-Temps to control the brewing and production process.


If you’re interested in the art of beer-making, you can enjoy a guided tour to discover the secrets of making this mild beverage. You read correctly: more than a tavern, Brasse-Temps is also a craft brewery and the beers you consume will be served straight from maturation tanks (4x 1,000 litres).
These include original products in the Bush range, such as Ambrasse-Temps, Blanche de Sainte-Waudru, Brasse-Temps des Cerises, Brasse-Temps Lemon and the well-known Cuvée des Trolls. Now that’s a wide variety of flavours for one brewery, isn’t it? I told you the place was extraordinary, especially given these beers aren’t sold anywhere else! You’ll also discover the Dubuisson beers mentioned above, as well as burst concepts and other typical drinks. I won’t tell you any more about it – there’s nothing quite like tasting for yourself...

A restaurant area

Brasse-Temps has thought of everything! To mop up all these samples (with such a vast choice of beers, it’s hard to pick just one), the brewery has also joined forces with the excellent catering group Moresto, in Mouscron, which has a strong track record. You can choose from a range of dishes which are certainly tasty but more importantly handpicked. This is because here, the purpose of these dishes is of course to highlight the establishment’s different beers.

A friendly meeting place

As you can see, Brasse-Temps is the ideal place to go with family, friends, and even colleagues, benefitting from a meeting room fully equipped with WiFi, a screen connectable to a PC and flipcharts etc. What’s more, on simple request, you can suggest tailor-made formulas. Whether you’re a group of 10 or 50, Brasse-Temps will welcome you with open arms in the comfort of its lovely little hideaway.

Practical info

  • Open daily from 11.00 am to midnight
  • Food served from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and from 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm
  • Cooking non-stop weekends and holidays
  • Large car park in the immediate vicinity


Avenue des Bassins, 1
7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)65/84.94.14