2.10.2016 + 6.11.2016 + 4.12.2016

BAM - 10 a.m. > 6 p.m. + Saint-Georges Room - 2 p.m. > 8 p.m.
Take advantage of the first Sunday of the month to visit the exhibition free of charge!



Gérard Garouste, retour aux sources by Joël Calmettes,
France, 2013 (52 min)

Friday 23.09.2016 / 12.30 p.m.
€ 4,5, lunch included
Plaza Art (Rue de Nimy à 7000 Mons)
Booking recommended for groups by phone +32 (0)65/35.15.44 or by email

Gérard Garouste is known and exhibited regularly all over the world.
The only artist to have had a presence in all the collections of the world’s greatest museums of art for a period of decades, and staying well away from all the fashionable artistic movements, Gérard Garouste now traces his path. It is a path of apparent simplicity, looking back over what makes up the essence of painting : canvas, pigments and paintbrushes. This film shows us unseen footage of Garouste’s childhood in Marcilly at the home of his uncle, the establishment of his association “La source pour les enfants en difficulté” (“The source for children in difficulty”) and the foundations of painting itself with a visit to the Venice Academy and the Chauvet Cave.
A project in collaboration with Plaza Art



The fresco in the wedding room at Mons Town Hall : when Garouste diverts the Christian iconography

Wednesday 26.10.2016 / 6.30 p.m. - € 4
Wedding room, Town hall (22 Grand-Place, 7000 Mons)
Speakers :
  • Gérard Garouste (artist),
  • Didier Martens (Professor of History of Art – ULB)
Bookings : or +32 (0)65/40.53.25

The wedding room at Mons Town Hall is probably the only place of its kind in Europe decorated with a contemporary work of art
featuring iconography from the Old Testament. This fresco, which also expresses Gérard Garouste’s “Judeophilia” and his attempt to “lend visibility to the Jewish bedrock of Western culture” will be the primary focus of the event.


Garouste, between the secular and the sacred
BAM / Sunday 13.11.2016 / 3 p.m.
Entry ticket + €2
Bookings : or +32 (0)65/40.53.25
Different perspectives from the curator, Xavier Roland and Zahava Seewald (curator at the Jewish Museum of Belgium) on the Garouste exhibition.
A project in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Belgium


BAM / 27.09.2016 > 30.09.2016 + 25.10.2016 > 28.10.2106
Life model drawing classes from Arts² led by Manon Bara will be held at BAM for a week in September and a week in October. After a visit to the exhibition, you will get a glimpse of the atmosphere of these workshops as well as the work produced by the students.
A project in collaboration with Arts²


BAM / Every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) – from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
During your visit to the exhibition, our guides will greet you and give you explanations and interesting stories about Garouste and his work.



BAM / Saturday 26/01/2016 + 21/01/2017, 2 p.m. > 5 p.m.
Have you always wanted to get into drawing? Why not give it a try in the setting of an exhibition? A beginners’ drawing class will teach you the basic techniques to get you started on producing your own drawings.



BAM / Sundays 23/10/2016 + 20/11/2016 + 29/01/2016
2.30 p.m. > 4.30 p.m. / 6€
Bookings through Dynamusée on +32 (0)65/40.53.38
Dynamusée takes parents and their children on an active visit to the exhibition followed by a creative workshop.



BAM / 2.11.2016 + 3.11.2016 / 9 a.m. > 4 p.m.
€ 20, including sandwich
Bookings through Dynamusée on +32 (0)65/40.53.38
Dynamusée offers a full-day programme consisting of a visit to the exhibition followed by a creative workshop.