Who better than Mons to contradict Jacques Brel when he called Belgium the "flat country"? But now you're a little more familiar with the region, your legs will definitely look a little musclier! You'll need them here, but let's just say it's worth the effort.

To access the Belfry for the aforementioned astonishing experience, you must first go to the Parc du Château of the former counts of Hainaut. Here sits the Belfry, which replaced the clocktower after its collapse. A small, rather tranquil piece of greenery, perfect for a picnic on a sunny day, and which brings you face-to-face with the impressive Belfry. If the mood takes you, bring a little blanket to set yourself up comfortably on the grass, and make the most of the peaceful and honourable place. N.B.: For groups and persons with other disabilities, a second entrance to the Belfry is available on Rue des Gades.