The Chant d’Éole vineyard opened just a few years ago, in 2010. Filip Remue, a Belgian winegrower who had spent 25 years in the French Champagne region, managing the Remue-Gaspard vineyard, wanted to bring a little of his know-how back to his country of birth. He chose to join forces with the Ewbanks, a large family of farmers from the Mons region.

And he made the right choice! The site, which is located between Harveng and Quévy at the southernmost edge of Mons, enjoys a south-facing location and mainly limestone soils that boast ideal drainage and irrigation qualities for grape-growing. Filip Remue selected vines (86,000 vine-stocks!) of traditional grape varieties: Chardonnay (97%), Pinot noir (2%) and Pinot blanc (1%). Another wise decision!

In 2013, the first grape harvest was completed and two years later, in 2015, the Chant d'Éole vineyard made its big entrance onto the quality sparkling wine market, much to our delight!

Speaking of quality...

It's the cornerstone of the vineyard, where nothing is left to chance. Starting with the location of the vineyard, as mentioned previously. And this is without counting on the presence of the Quévy wind turbines, real guardians that watch over the vines and blow warm air towards the ground, which delays the frost. In addition, as you'll have no doubt noticed, the owners took inspiration from these wind turbines when naming their vineyard. Next, the combination of the best wine-making tools and the cutting-edge techniques also guarantees the quality of the wine. And the cherry (or should I say, the "grape") on the cake - a second fermentation in the bottle, and a minimum of 15 months of ageing on slats, further refine the final product..

In total, almost 100,000 bottles are produced per year! It goes without saying they should be consumed in moderation..