Back to her roots

Ann Douteur began her professional career in Flanders, not as a chocolate maker, but as a chemist in a large company. After failing to find fulfilment in this career and being unable to let her creative juices flow, she then decided to devote herself to chocolate! She hasn't completely forgotten her company experience, since she chose to aim her services at this type of client. Her goal? To help them surprise and win over their audience. She no doubt achieves the desired results!

Ann chose to settle in the peaceful little village of Lombise, to recharge her batteries and focus on the important things in life. More than a profession, for her, chocolate is, above all, a long-time passion. Her eyes sparkle with pleasure as she recounts this childhood memory: "I loved chocolate from an early age. I used to regularly go with my mum to the village baker, who made his own chocolate. She told me that as soon as I bit into it, I could recognise the different subtleties of the dark chocolates...".

A strong desire to collaborate

Just as much as creativity, Ann Douteur loves collaborating with others who are passionate about food. She has been able to win over top chefs and well-known names in the restaurant world. Together, they develop new recipes, and these tasty meetings lead to new ranges of pralines and chocolates, named after the collaborator. This is how wines, alcohol, and regional beers are to be found in Ann Douteur's creations.

For example, the collaboration with Andy De Brouwer, master sommelier at the "Les Éleveurs" restaurant, which led, among other things, to the creation of the Red III, in reference to the French wine from the Languedoc region. One of two ganaches used to make the praline is flavoured with this red wine, a flavour that is highlighted by the dark chocolate and raspberry, which complete the creation.

The greatest recognition for Ann Douteur is to see her creations on the menus of these top chefs, as a dessert or served with a coffee.