Goats cheese-lovers, would you like to learn more about how it's made? Are you itching to share a special moment with the goats, billy goats and kid goats? Then head to the Chèvrerie de la Petite Vacresse!
Yasmine and Christian, the happy owners of the establishment, are ready to welcome you in Herchies, in the middle of the countryside. With passion and a touch of emotion, they'll share with you the incredible history of their conversion. Who hasn't dreamt of leaving everything behind to start a new life? Through the visit, they'll teach you the basics of managing a goat farm.

Those who wish will even have the chance to make a detour to the barn to meet the lovely goats and try a hand at milking. A great moment of sharing and discovery! This visitor confirms: “Visiting the Chèvrerie de la Petite Vacresse was really nice! I loved being able to stroke the goats, and especially try milking. We even enjoyed a nice glass of fresh milk! Excellent!".

When freshness goes hand-in-hand with flavour

In addition, you won't leave empty-handed! Here, the cheese is homemade and is available in many formats: bacon-wrapped cheese, ricotta, goat-milk gouda, ripened cheese with your choice of flavour (shallot, black pepper, grape, I could go on!) and even cheese tart with an apricot base! Everything to please lovers of sweet and savoury dishes!

The visit is free and lasts approximately 1 hour. However, remember to ring in advance to reserve your visit to Mr and Mrs Desmet.

Visit a goat farm? Sign me up!


Chèvrerie de la Petite Vacresse
Rue Petite, 112
7050 Herchies, Belgium
GSM : +32 (0)475/22.53.59
Tel. : +32 (0)65/23.51.17