The Giants were introduced in 1989. It was Lalie Lariguette and Batisse Lariflart who were the first. Created in the tradition of the old Mons puppets of Betième designed by Auguste Dubuisson and later transformed by Arthur Lossignol, the traditional couple was subsequently enlarged to accommodate Trinette and Biloute. These four Giants now give life to the Ducasse de Messines. They are worn, dance on Saturday during the inauguration procession and walk around the flower market on Sunday.

Traditionally, Batisse offers Lalie a pot of azaleas and they buy the emblematic accessories, namely a gayole for him, a wawa for Biloute and a bouquet of aittes for Trinette.

Biloute, the "little Giant" and son of Batisse and Lalie, was born in 1994. A Mons Ropieur par excellence, he loves playing pranks and greeting the children. On his 10th anniversary in 2004, a few “buddies" from Neufvilles were invited to accompany him on Saturday evening during the inaugural procession.

But the Giants of the Ducasse de Messines also participate in other festivities in Belgium or abroad. They have become an opportunity for exchanges with other cities which also have giants whose representatives are invited to the Ducasse. Our four local Giants also symbolise the Messines District and the city of Mons abroad. In particular, they participated in the celebrations held on the 400th anniversary of the Founding of Québec in 2008. Moreover, Manneken Pis owns a costume of the Giant Biloute.