Lexicon and origin of the words

- the nightingale: small hollow pottery made of clay, with 6 holes and provided with a beak, filled with water. Blowing on the beak, it produces a melody similar to the song of the nightingale. It is produced by the small plastic clay industry of Sirault, Baudour and Stambruges.
 - the cardboard mill: a wicker and bamboo frame covered with coloured paper, decorated with small fins (formerly made with playing cards) which turn in the wind.
 - the saudart: a small wood shoulder, hand carved, dressed in the different uniforms of the regiments quartered in barracks at Mons.
 - the wawa: a small cylindrical cardboard box closed on only one side, covered with wallpaper and connected to a stick by a string. By turning the box around the stick, a sound similar to the bark of a dog is produced.