Mons in the times of Waltrude. Merovingian Itineraries
At the Artothèque, from 13 February to 22 October.

Wedged between Rome and Charlemagne/the Romans and Carolingians, Merovingian history is somewhat obscure... except perhaps in Mons thanks to Saint Waltrude, the city’s legendary founder. But what do you know about it?

From the archaeological collections of the City of Mons and loans from other institutions, the Artothèque immerses you in the city’s origins and brings Waltrude and her contemporaries back to life in the light of the latest historical and archaeological research.
Following in the footsteps of Waltrude and her entourage, discover how Mons and its region developed between the late Vth and VIIIth centuries. What geographical and political environment did they operate in? What was their day-to-day life like? How did they dress? Where did they live? You will find all the answers to these questions within the exhibition.  Through a thematic trail which compares and contrasts archaeological finds in the region and reconstructions of costumes worn during the Procession or made for the occasion, international trading will also be explored as will the foundation of monasteries and churches, where our current towns and villages began. Finally, the exhibition will analyse how Waltrude, a historical figure, became a saint and legendary founder of a city that still earnestly perpetuates her memory with such enthusiasm at each Ducasse ritual.

An illustrated visitor’s guide accompanies the exhibition, a real tool to decode all the facets of this period. And to make the visit even more playful, various activities for young and old emphasise the exhibition’s itinerary. Thanks to the contributions from numerous specialists, the exhibition offers a rich and refined panorama of the Merovingian world, witnessing the considerable influence that this period had on the future development of our regions. Would you like to continue your visit and learn more about Waltrude, her cult and the Ducasse? The museum of the Doudou, the Collegiate Church of Saint Waltrude and its treasure awaits you.

Useful information

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A face mask is mandatory during the entire visit.

To continue your discovery of the Merovingians
Our exhibition, “Mons in the times of Waltrude”. Merovingian Itineraries” is in partnership with two other regional museums:
> The Royal Mariemont Museum with the exhibition “The world of Clovis. Merovingian Itineraries”.
> The Tournai Archaeology Museum with the exhibition "Tournai, the royal city. Merovingian Itineraries