On the night of Friday 22 October, the city's museums and exhibition spaces are coming together to offer a unique moment of discovery with a common ambition: to reveal the museum space in a different way.
From the BAM (Mons Fine Arts) to the Mons Memorial Museum, from the Doudou Museum to the Maison Losseau, from the Old slaughterhouses to the Belfry Museum at the Mundaneum or the newly inaugurated MUMONS: the Night of the museums will plunge visitors into surprising and offbeat atmospheres.
On the programme of this new edition, which is exceptionally free of charge for the Biennial: themed tours, based on the theme of colour this year, performances, dance, live concerts, activities and workshops, DJ sets, etc. With friends or family, the Night of the Museums 2021 offers visitors, young and old, the opportunity to question the space of the museum and its relationship to the city.

BAM, Doudou Museum, Saint-Georges Hall, Belfry Museum, Artothèque, Magasin de Papier (antenne du SILEX’S), Old slaughterhouses, Mons Memorial Museum, Visit Mons (branch of the Maison Van Gogh) and partners: Mundaneum, Maison Losseau and MUMONS.