With a nod to Dimanche Toqué and as an extension of the "Cuisine d'hivers" festival, initiated in 2018, the Biennial is devoting a week to gastronomy, the receptacle of our memories, our emotions and our identities. Italy will be the guest of honour at this Biennial, with 2021 marking 75 years since the signing of the Coal Treaty (ECSC).

On the programme for this festive and gourmet focus: the publication of a book of stories and cuisine by René Sépul, a renowned Belgian gastronomic critic (to be released in 2022), a photo exhibition, theatre, Italian street art, cinema, a tribute by the ORCW to the great classical composers, conferences and also a great moment of encounter between star chefs and Italian grandmothers about the transfer of taste, a moment sponsored by the food critic René Sépul and the Mons chef, Franco Lombardo.