Guided tour: Mons the litterary city

at Mons

Patti Smith (c) Pierre Liebaert.jpgPierre Liebaert
  • Victor Hugo once wrote “Mons is a charming city”, and it still is. From a literary perspective, it is first and foremost a surprising city which is full of poetry. Walk in the footsteps of the poets – locals and outsiders alike - who once lived within its walls and drew their inspiration from the city. Your tour will be punctuated by texts evoking the places you see around you; from the Grand-Place praised by Victor Hugo, to the Sainte Waudru Collegiate celebrated by Adolphe Mathieu (poet from Mons), and to the prison, where the great Paul Verlaine was imprisoned. Building after building, you will walk in the footsteps of great writers such as Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Victor Hugo, Antoine Clesse, Adolphe Mathieu, and Charles Plisnier. You can also discover the talent of the surrealist poet Fernand Dumont, the prolific European correspondence of Emile Verhaeren, who loved the city and was friend with the greatest artists of his time. Mons will surprise you in so many ways and its poetry is among the most beautiful of the surprises waiting for you… this tour is tailor-made for those who are passionate about literature. Complete this tour by visiting the Losseau House. 2-hour walking tour
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