On Grand’Place, where you’ll discover:

Traditional Christmas

  • Artisans’ village
From 3 to 31 December, artisans set up in traditional wooden chalets will be selling gift items (candles, original lamps, jewellery, etc.) but also delicious food produce (cougnoles (bread of Jesus), chocolate products, gingerbread, etc.) and snacks (tartiflette (potatoes baked with bacon, cheese and cream), raclette (melted cheese), etc.) to share with family and friends! This year, visitors can also explore culinary specialities and typical goods from Germany by visiting the ten or so colourful traditional chalets. The complete list of participating artisans can be found at www.monscentreville.be
  • La Tour de Noël (Christmas tower)
Drinks and snacks available in this 17m high illuminated tower
  • La Pyramide de Noël (Christmas pyramid)
Drinks and snacks available in this majestic 12m high tower
  • Fairy-tale decorations and illuminations
  • Le chalet de la solidarité (solidarity chalet) / info
This chalet is dedicated to promoting charities. The solidarity soup is served there every day from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm (open to all)
  • Kiosque magique
Father and Mother Christmas, as well as friendly mascots, welcome badly behaved children in a magical atmosphere every Wednesday afternoon. Take advantage of this decorated lit-up area to take some nice pictures
  • Le Roi des forêts (king of the forests)
Beautifully decorated and illuminated by the electromechanical department, this 20-metre high Belgian conifer (Spa) sits in the middle of the Grand’Place, next to the traditional nativity.
  • La Crèche traditionnelle (traditional nativity)
Located at the foot of the Roi des forêts (king of the forests)
  • La Boîte aux lettres du Père Noël (Father Christmas’ letterbox)

Children are invited to drop off their letters or drawings to Father and Mother Christmas at the foot of the Kiosque Magique!