Ritual Ducasse of Mons

Event, festivity ,  Traditional / folk festival at Mons

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  • In Mons, the Doudou is the popular name for a week of collective jubilation that begins during the weekend of the Trinity. Theritual Ducasseis the climax of this event. Its origins date back from the 14th century.
    There are four key moments:
    -The Descent of the shrine holding the relics of St. Waltrude,who is regarded as the town's founder. The Saturday evening, during a moving ceremony, the Dean entrusts the Mayor with the relics of the saint so that he may lead the procession in the town's streets the next day.
    -The Procession. On Sunday morning, the shrine is placed on a ceremonial chariot called the Golden Coach. Some 1500 participants, divided into about sixty groups, parade in period costumes.
    -The Ascent of the Golden Coach.At the end of the procession, the public gathers behind the Golden Coach in a big mass. Thousands of hands hoist the chariot to the top of the paved slope alongside the Collegiate Church. The stakes are high: legend says that the Golden Coach must climb the ramp in one go, or else a great misfortune will befall the town.
    -The Combat known as the Lumeçon: St-George accompanied by the characters of the Lumeçon: Devils and "chins-chins", men in white and men in foliage as well as firemen and policemen in whiteor blue helmets is already preparing to face the Dragon. The protagonists begin the descent from the Collegiate Church to the main square (know as the "descent from the street of the Clerics"). In front of the Town Hall, during about 30 minutes, intensified by the frantic sound of the Doudou, St George fights the Dragon. The Dragon is finally killed by St. George with one last pistol shot.
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