Wait a minute... what’s an auto rickshaw?

It’s a small three-wheeled vehicle, with a driver’s seat in the front and a bench in the back for up to three people. It is, so to speak, the big brother of the Vespa and the twin sibling of the Asian tuk-tuk. Like the gondolas in Venice, this machine will take you through the nooks and alleys of charming Mons so you can explore or get to know it, but also have a fun time in a highly original way.

An alluring range of rides

Although the TrioBalade is the first and only auto rickshaw for tourists in Wallonia, it’s very comfortable and can be adapted to meet all your needs! As proof, here are some ideas for sociable, fun rides, each one more amazing than the last! All that remains is for you to choose between cultural-discovery or pure-relaxation mode (but yes, from time to time it feels good to let go a little).

  • The “essential” ride: you’ll be immersed in the heart of Mons and explore the main sites and monuments (Grand Place, Town Hall, Mayeur Gardens, Belfry, Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church, Art Library, etc.). You’re in store for a rewarding time!
  • The “tourist” ride: THE tour of Doudou city’s unmissable sites. You’ll follow the footsteps of the Dragon by passing through the different sites of the Ducasse, not to mention the renovated neighbourhoods, fountains, small squares and anecdotes! A lively visit to say the least!
  • The “cultural” ride: the one that showcases Mons, European Capital of Culture. Here, all cultures come together, bringing history, architecture, economics, innovations and more into their story. This session is diverse and instructive in equal measure!
  • The “green getaway”. Also called the “bucolic getaway”, you’ll be transported to another setting, more personalised and further from the cityscape (Saint-Symphorien, Hyon, Havré, etc.). As you may have realised, a very different landscape awaits you!
  • The “foodie” ride: going regional also means going local and if, like me, you like your food, this option has your name on it. Through the seasons, you’ll stop by to visit local food lovers, taking a moment to share different flavours. From sweet delicacies to salty dishes, choose from a selection of food pairs. A break with taste!
  • The “Mons and Mômes” ride: on it, you’ll be stimulating not one but five of your senses. Get your children and / or grandchildren involved in a surprising ride. The programme includes: role-play observation based on characters and fantastic animals (sight), the traditional stroking ritual involving Mons’ little monkey and then onto the Ropieur fountain (touch), food stop with regional tastings (taste) before heading to Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church to the sounds of Mons (hearing), to be welcomed by clouds of incense (smell). A circuit that will put all your senses on alert!
  • The “Mons by Night” ride: ready for a night out? This time, there’s no determined theme: it’s you who choose the type of ride. The goal is to travel the city of Mons between 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm, far from daily traffic and commotion. Enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of illuminations by night, exploring places from another perspective. A picturesque tour to say the least!
  • The “vintage” ride: a short journey back in time, to the Dolce Vita years, with Look & Vintage boutiques, View Masters, Polaroid, etc. In short, a fun trip that offers you a few surprises!
  • The “star” ride: take advantage of the original and exceptional setting of the TrioBalade to have your picture taken by Doudou Photo, a professional photographer. And in addition, those who wish can to go to the studio for a quick pose session. You’ll leave with lasting memories!
  • The “romantic” ride: an uninterrupted moment imbued with poetry to win over your partner. Crossing courtyards and gardens will add charm to this ride, including pauses along the way. And you’ll receive some Belgian sparkling wines and chocolates as a gift. A highly refined, alluring route!
  • The “wedding” ride: the auto rickshaw undergoes a total makeover on beautiful occasions! The ads are removed and the vehicle is decorated however you wish to reflect your wedding theme. But please note this small point: you may only travel within a 10 km radius around Mons itself. And for those who are still in the preparations stage, note that it is also possible to use the auto rickshaw for a bachelor’s party. A most memorable start to married life!
  • The “festive” or “tuk-tuk” ride: giving ample opportunity to party. Whether it’s a birthday, a Mother’s / Father’s Day celebration or a surprise for a special day, you quickly run out of original ideas. Fortunately, the TrioBalade is here for you to enjoy experiences rich in sharing, joys and surprises! This isn’t a visit to the city strictly speaking, but a fun and personalised ride to share with one of your loved ones. You’ll have the opportunity to ride through some typical Mons streets while chatting, hearing anecdotes, building plans and savouring a well-earned drink. An atypical ride for a unique experience!
  • The “espresso” ride: have you planned a quick trip but want to stand out by offering an unusual journey? Then this option is for you! For a round trip to the cinema, a restaurant or similar, consider TrioBalade to surprise your guest! A trip that promises to be amazing!
Of course, the TrioBalade is perfect for all occasions, however old you might be!

A unique guide for an unusual activity

While teaching in Haute Ecole, it was his immediate passion for the auto rickshaw, a love of Mons and the desire to start his own business alongside his job that led Ludovic Agneessens to develop the TrioBalade concept. In 2012, he underwent the training for official guides of the City of Mons to brush up on his already extensive knowledge of the city. The following year, TrioBalad won the “Coup de cœur” MERCURE prize (prize for entrepreneurship and innovation in Mons trade). So if you want to learn more about Mons and its different facets, Ludovic will be delighted to answer your questions in good humour. If you also want more fun factor, he’ll know how to get your attention! In any case, this kindly man will take you on an unusual ride bursting with anecdotes you’ll be dying to share... or possibly not!

Practical info

  • You can book the TrioBalade 7 days a week, from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Single hourly rate, whether there are one, two or three of you
  • Rides can be done in French, Dutch or English
  • You can gift a ride to someone as a gift certificate


Grand-Place, 27
7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)490/11.13.33
Mail. : triobalade@gmail.com