Located at the heart of the Borinage region, this district is home to part of the Marionville bird and nature reserve, listed as a Walloon Heritage Site in 1991.

It bears many scars from its industrial past, especially its coalmines. However, black has been replaced by green: green plants now grow on the black spoil heaps, which have become oases of nature and are packed with precious biotopes that are protected. A number of footpaths have been laid out through the area to create trails that help visitors see a different side of Quaregnon: its history, heritage, environment, twin towns and local specialities.

There are several buildings that will delight fans of architecture, particularly the Tower of St Quentin’s Church, the only part of the Romanesque church that still stands, the outer wall of the Château du Diable (Devil’s Castle) and the Art Deco Town Hall.
There is a rich and varied programme of events and cultural activities, organised by the Quaregnon Culture Centre, as well as events such as the Cavalcade de Quaregnon, the Piano Festival., the “rendez-vous BD”,…
Quaregnon played an important role during the First World War, illustrated by the monument to those who died in the Grand-Place and the commemorative plaques in the town’s streets

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