Located between Mons and Ath, Jurbise is a rural district made up of the villages of Erbaut, Erbisoeul, Herchies, Jurbise, Masnuy-Saint-Jean and Masnuy-Saint-Pierre.

As it is off the beaten track, it is an ideal place for walkers to explore chapels and farms that have been lovingly maintained. These include the Ferme de Saint Moulin in Herchies, and the Ferme de Gipleux for with its magnificent gatehouse dating back to 1743, decorated with the coat of arms of the Counts of Hainaut.

Architectural heritage is one of Jurbise’s real strengths, thanks in no small part to its many nearby chateaux, including the Château des Viviers and the Château d’Herchies, also known as the Château d’Egmont.
The district has many other fascinating features, such as the Locquet Fountain in Herchies, whose water laps against bluestone, carved by Jean Bersoux, a stonemason from Soignies. The most impressive attraction is the Chêne à Clous in Herchies, a Walloon Heritage Site since 1985. The more athletic among you can enjoy lots of walks throughout the area, or a few rounds of golf at the Royal Hainaut Golf Club.

With its folklore and impressive calendar of events, including the Ducasses in Herchies and Erbisoeul, the St Bartholomew’s Procession and the Beer Festival, there’s something for everyone in this welcoming cluster of villages.
Did you know?
The famous poet and novelist Pierre Coran was born in Jurbise. The first of his 130 novels was published
50 years ago, and the multiple prizewinning author still enjoys writing and being read.

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