Irrigated by many waterways, Honnelles presents particularly bucolic unspoilt landscapes. Wherever you are in the municipality, the lapping of a river or a stream will tickle your ears.
And a river flows in the middle... Do you remember the film of Robert Redford with Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer? Beautiful landscapes and mythical scenes on the riverbanks... No, it was not shot at Honnelles and Brad Pitt did not bathe in the Petite or the Grande Honnelle but we imagine it gladly when we walk in town! The two rivers that cross the entity and its villages singularly shape landscapes. Water is omnipresent.

Petite and Grande Honnelle

The Grande Honnelle delimits the villages of Roisin and Autreppe before crossing Angre and its forest. It is on the banks of the Grande Honnelle, in the centre of the forest of Angre, that you can discover the Caillou-qui-Bique, an old stone several million years old, a real attraction for lovers of walking and legends. Further to the East, the Petite Honnelle flows in Erquennes, takes care to wind around Fayt-le-Franc before moving up  towards the village of Montignies-sur-Roc. In Montignies, the Mountaineers (as the inhabitants are called) are very proud of the beers from the brewery of the Abbaye des Rocs, all brewed with water from a borehole in a bedrock. The Blanche des Honnelles also pays tribute to the river!

Feet in the water

Along these waterways, the walker discovers lush and hilly landscapes. Many restaurants and bistros have opened along the shores. What a pleasure to enjoy a coffee on the river bank and to leave the stress of everyday life behind for an afternoon or a weekend. Sometimes, time seems to have stopped. Here and there in the villages, built heritage reminds us that water was an important economic vector for a long time. Mills and breweries flourished at the beginning of the last century.

Signposted routes

To discover this exceptional natural heritage, we advise you to travel on one of the many routes that cross the municipality. The natural park of the Hauts-Pays has signposted a few beautiful walks. On the theme of water, the A loop of the Honnelles-Quiévrain natura 2000 walk you will circumnavigate the forest of Audregnies and walk along the Petite Honnelle while loop C takes you to Roisin and the Angre forest along the Grande Honnelle.
For more information, pop in at  the Maison du Parc, located in Onnezies. Several brochures contain the circuits, you will  find what you need there! Happy walking!