Saturday 10 November 2018

  • Commemorative ceremony in the municipality of Quiévrain
The municipality of Quiévrain, the first to be entered by Canadian troops when they entered the Belgian territory, wishes to organise a remembrance event and a parade with the regiments present.
  • Remembrance ceremony at the Saint-Symphorien military cemetery
Ceremony to remember the victims of the first world war, ranging from the first to the last Commonwealth soldier fallen here.
  • Inaugural and commemorative ceremony at the Price monument in Ville-sur-Haine
The municipality of Le Roeulx will inaugurate a new memorial in honour of the soldier Price near the place where he fell in 1918. A remembrance ceremony in his honour will be held on-site.
  • Commemorative ceremony in Soignies

The Town of Soignies wishes to organise a ceremony in the place where Canadian troops have stopped fighting when the bugle of the armistice rang on 11 November 1918 at 11:00 am. This place is even more symbolic as it is located exactly where the first skirmish between the British and the Germans broke out on 22 August 1914.
  • Great concerts at the city centre of Mons

When we speak about the Armistice and the liberation of our city, the first words that come to mind are those of celebration. Therefore, we wish to organise popular dances with Canadian and Belgian artists.