Till we drop

Mons 2015 ,  Cultural ,  Exhibition at Mons

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  • The Belgian designer, as supporting artist of Mons 2015, invites you to explore his creative pro­cess. Inspired by his 2014 collection sharing the same name, the exhibition evokes the exuberant life of the grand hotels of the Riviera Maya in Mexico and echoes a eu­phoric world of transgression and freedom.

    Here is what he told the newspaper Le Soir in 2013:

    "It has never been my style to be moulded. Since my early days, for example, I have hunted around for shoes that I have then customised. Make do and manage. I have also always worked with craftspeople specialising in areas which have nothing to do with fashion. When I made my French fries shoes for the Hyères festival, I worked with a craftsman who makes ​​plexiglass lecterns for churches. When I made the shoes for my latest collection, inspired by motocross, I went to find someone who makes clogs in Alsace. There, for my next collection, I am developing shoes for which I am dealing with an adhesives expert who works for outfits such as NASA (...) I know it’s slightly schizoid, but everyone can identify with it. What’s more extravagant is the way that I present my collections. But I’ve made some very simple, very nice black trousers. Next to them, I also have some very graphic sweaters. I dress all ages, really. And the sizes range from 34 to 46 because when I create, I keep the joie de vivre in my mind. And there is no age or size limit to be happy with your life."
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