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    For the second of its eight-part ‘Home and Away’ series, the Maison Folie has turned Londoner, with no eccentricity spared. It’s as though you were really there: a working men’s club complete with darts, formica tables and lamé curtains. But this is also an incubator for a fast-breeding London culture and a hot-bed for performance art. Whether you are en famille, with your other half or on your own, you’ll enjoy both the irresistible British atmosphere and the programme dedicated to the experimental carryings-on of the hyper-creative (Rebecca Davies and the Tabards, Rajni Shah, Nic Green, Hot Breath Karaoke, Upset The Rhythm, Phil Minton, Action Hero, Rosana Cade, Andrea Zimmerman). As we await the next stops in Melbourne, Milan, Pilsen, Tokyo, Montreal and Casablanca, here is a project custom-designed for the 11th anniversary of the Maison Folie, born of the cultural network that emerged from Lille 2004. It’s wild!

    HAA London : Rebecca Davies and friends aka Mavis Davis and the Tabards

    Performing arts

    19/02/2015 - 22/02/2015 - Margin'Halle

    You couldn’t tire of Rebecca Davies & Friends! They will bring the Working Men’s Club alive during the four days of the London Home and Away. Primarily an illustrator, Davies came to prominence by performing from her quirky ice-cream van at the V&A and the Barbican. The menu features stand-up as well as other forms of entertainment, séances, workshops and a closing show.


    Performing arts

    19/02/2015 - Margin'Halle

    Born to a Scottish father (whom she met just once, at the age of sixteen), Nic Green goes in search of the mystery of her paternal ancestors, conjuring up the Scotland of her ancestors in a shamanic dance to the pagan rhythms of a percussionist. An existential performance ‘that invokes the peaty taste of single-malt whisky,’ enthuses the Guardian.


    Performing arts

    19/02/2015 - Margin'Halle

    Mike and Jen, a.k.a. “The House of Hot Breath”, inaugurate the London Home and Away with rhinestones and sequins. As perfect MCs, Mike and Jen will entertain the public with an off-beat karaoke session – or to be more precise cardioke, in which you have to run as fast as you can while singing all the time... Unlikely and kitsch, but with a highly sophisticated choice of music!

    HAA London : WORK IT, WORKERS ! let’s get physical

    Performing arts

    20/02/2015 - 22/02/2015 - Maison Folie

    This is almost like Chaplin’s Modern Times! Attend the factory ball as devised by Tracey. You will ‘retrace’ the history of industry in the UK, discovering the everyday actions of its workers. Here comes the miner’s dance, the lunchbox dance or the hop-picking dance... Put on a pair of overalls, grab a tool and move to the rhythms of the factory, with a dash of Northern Soul.

    HAA London : The Tabards / Mavis Davis / WARM UP THE SHOW

    Performing arts

    20/02/2015 - Margin'Halle

    To warm up, Mavis Davis and The Tabards invite you to play ‘East End’, a traditional kind of bingo which they revisit in a truly British spirit of nonsense! Puns and neologisms of all kinds crackle and sputter, and... bingo! A little preliminary session to impart the basics of a pub discussion.



    20/02/2015 - Margin'Halle

    The Upset the Rhythm label, which has a track record for discovering new talent such as Ariel Pink, Ty Segall, Wild Nothing, No Age, the Lucky Dragons and Dan Deacon, is at the forefront of the New York and London underground scene. Through a programme custom-designed for Maison Folie, plunge into the latest in music.


    Performing arts

    21/02/2015 - Maison Folie

    Inspired by boxing, Slap Talk is a six-hour verbal sparring match (with subtitles!) that reflects on the linguistic violence of everyday life. Lovers exchanging insults, the hard sell of a shopping channel, the anger of a hypocritical preacher... To dodge the blows, you are free to enter and leave at any time.

    HAA London : Clock in and put your overalls on ! #1


    21/02/2015 - 22/02/2015 – Margin’halle

    Under the sardonic gaze of Mags and Sidney of the Tabards, together with your ‘work colleagues’ you will make costumes and accessories for a big party on the theme of life in industry. But first, the decor for this amazing workshop needs to be created: a smelly and noisy factory, worthy of your two bosses.


    Performing arts

    21/02/2015 - Espace des Possibles

    An evening in three parts. The performance artist Rajni Shah turns back to Glorious, which she has presented at the Maison Folie on a previous occasion, and freely revisits this participatory show, consisting of a fixed core of six songs and six monologues. She is followed by the vocalist Phil Minton – he of the exasperated expression – and the cabaret of two dancers from Project O.


    Performing arts

    21/02/2015 - 22/02/2015 - Mons city centre

    A performance for one person involving walking around the city. Starts from the Margin’halle at Maison Folie every 15 minutes. For 12 years and upwards, admission free.
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  • Décalé déjanté

    Spectacle du samedi soir... Perturbant, déconcertant. Spectacle aux poils et même à poils... Bref une drôle d'expérience .