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  • The New Photo Amateur shop provides advice regarding digital cameras and sells them. Photos of traditional festivities in Mons: La Procession du Car d'Or (the golden carriage procession) and Le Combat de Doudou (Doudou's fight, part of the Ducasse festivities) taken by members of staff. A wide selection of photos of La Procession du Car d'Or, Le Combat de Doudou and of the city of Mons. For photography students and professionals: we sell films and develop analogue black and white and colour photographs. Immediate development of your digital photos from size 3.5cm to 4.5cm up to 20cm x 30cm, photo montages of your photos, your photos on cups, on keyrings, etc. Photos printed from data files on your mobile phone, iPhone, smartphone, data cards, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, etc., etc. Laboratory development: posters, gadgets, photos on canvas, on aluminium, on plexiglass, etc. from data files on your digital device (exclusively photo files, JPEG files, etc.). Identity photos (€6 for eight photos). A wide selection of classic and modern frames. Framing services. All at your choosing. Photo albums with sleeves which you can slide photos into and albums which you can glue photos into. Many sizes and colours of albums available. Photography accessories: data cards, USB sticks, batteries, covers, chargers, etc., etc. At photographers' service for more than 75 years!
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    les photos sont très bien faite